Perform A Background Check In RI

Perform A Background Check In RI

There could be cases when the government, FBI, or local law enforcement agencies have made mistakes and attached crimes onto your record without you realizing it, or having ever been arrested before.

If you are applying for jobs in the finance, insurance, healthcare, or government sectors, or your potential employer is requiring you to submit to a background check before becoming eligible for employment, you are going to need to verify the information contained in your personal records.

Fulfilling the application for employment

Performing a background check on yourself before you submit for one through your future employer is a great way to ensure there is no information contained in the records that could keep you from being eligible for employment.

What Information Is Provided In A Background Check?

A background check, first and foremost, is going to confirm the Social Security number that you’ve submitted matches your full legal name. It will also confirm that your most recent home’s address is registered, and provide criminal checks from multiple different states.

Background checks in Rhode Island will also provide credit checks and driving history checks, so you can use the information as a bargaining tool with your creditors or your insurance company, provided inaccurate records exist or historical records have fallen off due to time passing.

If you are getting a job in healthcare or working in government, basic background checks are going to be performed. However, if you are working in finance or the insurance industry, you will be expected to submit to a credit check. If you are going to be driving you will need to submit your driving records check.

How Many Years Back Will A Background Check Go?

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) handles most credit-based background checks and only allows for you to request records up to 7 years old. After 7 years, information will begin falling off your report.

Criminal background check list

Depending on the industry you’ll be working in, different types of records check may go back different lengths of time.

For instance, if you are working around children and have serious felonies on your record, the information may never actually be purged.

This is why you need to perform a background check on yourself, to verify the information that your employer is going to see when they run the checks on your name.

Can I Run A Background Check On Myself?

Yes. There are third-party agencies that can provide the records check you need to verify the information contained in your background check is accurate and up to date.

Tips For Performing Rhode Island Background Checks

In general, courts and law enforcement agencies currently maintain the centralized databases that contain records for all Rhode Island citizens, including criminals.

If you are placing a request for a specific person’s history, you will typically be required to submit the request online. Some information provided in the background check may be made available to you online, or through email, while hard copies of your records are required to be sent certified through the United States Postal Service.

The Rhode Island Judiciary websites will give you access to the criminal records you’re looking for and other information that’s related to performing criminal records searches. They provide information for requests submitted through a wide variety of third-party agencies and expedite the process.

The State of Rhode Island also manages a centralized database for victims of sex crimes and other criminal offenses. Violators who have been convicted of crimes may be eligible for parole, which will require the State of Rhode Island to notify the victims.

People check sheme

The Sex Offender Community Notification Unit and Parole Board work together to maintain this database, and information entered into their database will be available on certain background checks.

In some cases, information, police reports, juvenile crime data, and court records from cases involving juveniles may also be available and obtained through a background check.

If you are searching for information about a juvenile, you will need to be a member of a government agency performing an investigation or have explicit, written consent to obtain the information from the state.

Rhode Island Jail & Inmate Records

If the person you’re performing a background check on is currently incarcerated, you will need to contact the Rhode Island Department of Corrections with your request.

Request for criminal background check

This is helpful for finding information about your loved ones that may have been arrested, convicted, and are currently serving their sentence, or when you have been the victim of a crime and want to ensure that the person convicted of a crime you were a victim of is still incarcerated and when they’re eligible for parole or release.

Records, in this case, are maintained in a national database by a company known as VINELink. They will notify victims as custody changes occur or criminals are being paroled or released.

Rhode Island Court Records

When you need to verify information about an employee that has a criminal record and is still eligible for employment, you can petition the courts for records pertaining to their arrest and the charges they were convicted of.

To obtain these records, you are going to need to contact the judiciary committee or court in the local jurisdiction where the crime and arrest occurred. You will need to know, though, that access to the records is limited to persons directly involved in the case, such as law enforcement agencies and attorneys.

Rhode Island Vital Records

To obtain vital records in Rhode Island, you will need to contact the Department of Health. Each county has a specific division that maintains a central database for their residents.

The Rhode Island Department of Health’s website contains a list of different counties along with the phone numbers, addresses, and point of contacts that you’ll need to get in touch with to retrieve the records you’re looking for.

Checking the application list

Finding information about yourself, or a person that you are planning to hire for a position with your company or agency is simple and straightforward in Rhode Island.

With a lower population, the amount of time you’ll wait for the records you’re requesting to be returned takes is substantially lower than what you will wait if you are requesting records from the FBI, for instance.

Even though the population numbers are lower in Rhode Island, mistakes can still be made and people can have false information applied to their vital records. Because of that, you want to receive up to date information and ensure that any false information is quickly disputed.

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