How To Perform A Background Check In NC

How To Perform A Background Check In NC

Some jobs and careers in North Carolina require criminal background checks to be conducted on all persons who work in sensitive environments, like child care, financial, and healthcare.

Individuals looking to become employed in one of these fields should expect to have a background check performed on them, regardless whether they’re actually working with children, handling money, or assisting doctors and accessing medical records.

Each prospective person over 16 years of age must complete a criminal background check if they want to be considered for employment, and refusal will generally disqualify them from being offered the position.

Filling out criminal background check.

What Information Does The Background Check Include And What Systems Are Checked?

Federal background checks performed in North Carolina contain the following information:

  • Your federal and state fingerprint registrations.
  • Whether, or not you’re registered with the Sex Offender Registry.
  • ​North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • ​Responsible Individuals List, a list that contains names of individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes in North Carolina.
  • Child Maltreatment Registry, to determine if you have mistreated children when you’re requesting to work for child care providers or around children.

How Often Should You Perform A Criminal Background Check?

To keep your information up to date and ensure that there are no false entries on your record, you want to run your background check at least once every 3 years. Some careers will require that your background check is run more often.

You should make sure that, if you’re required to run a check, you’ve submitted your application long before the actual expiration date to ensure that you aren’t going to encounter problems for having the check run past the date you were required to have it performed.

What Other Information Is Required To Know?

You are going to be required to provide your new employer with a copy of your qualification letter. If you haven’t already obtained a copy, you can call the CBC Unit and have them mail a copy to you.

Most companies cannot hire you until they have received a copy of your qualification letter. You should always maintain a copy in your own records to avoid having your employment opportunities delayed.

What Disqualifies An Applicant From Employment?

If you have records inside of your background check that you believe could keep you from becoming employed, you will want to address them immediately.

You may be able to get the records sealed or expunged so that potential employers do not have full access to the details contained inside your background check.

Also, keep in mind, that not all criminal records will eliminate you from being considered for employment. You want to make sure that you’re honest and upfront with your employer about any records that may be contained inside of your background check.

What Information Is Needed To Perform A Background Check?

First, you need the Criminal Record Check Identifying Form filled out and submitted.

You’ll also need to pay for your federal fingerprint search, which costs $25.00 and an additional $1.50 for applying for your fingerprints online.

Federal fingerprint search.

You’ll need to print out the forms that are required to submit to the state, and then submit them with a valid government issued identification card or your license, along with a valid email address that can be used to contact you.

How Is A Criminal Background Check Completed?

You will want to print and review a copy of the Mandatory Criminal History Check forms from your employer and the government. You’ll also need to sign and return a completed copy of the form.

You’re going to need to make your payment of $26.50 to submit for a fingerprints check and print your receipt to keep a copy of it in your records.

Then, you’ll need to contact a law enforcement agency to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken and submitted to the state.

Finally, you’ll need to take the completed fingerprint submission forms and your identification card to the local law enforcement agency to have your prints taken and submitted to the SBI.

What Is Submitted For A Criminal Background Check?

After having your prints taken, you’re going to need to submit the following forms to the state:

  • Original completed criminal record check form.
  • Receipt of payment for your federal background check.
  • ​Fingerprint submission forms signed by you and a local law enforcement agent that completed taking your fingerprints.
  • Certified copies of your criminal history report.

Where Do I Submit The Required Information?

You can submit your information in a confidentially marked envelope to:

DHHS Criminal Background Check Unit

2201 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699

What Happens If I Get A New Charge After Becoming Employed?

If you happen to get into trouble after you’ve applied for fingerprints and had your background check run and submitted to your potential employer, you’re going to need to restart the process.

Any new convictions (and even charges) could disqualify you from employment opportunities. If you have been placed on the sex offender list, responsible individual list, or child maltreatment list, you will, in general, be disqualified from accepting employment with the company you’ve applied for.

What If I Live Outside Of North Carolina?

If you live in another state and are required to submit a North Carolina background check, you’re going to need to get a certified local history report from the Clerk of Courts in the county that is requiring you to submit to a check.

You must ensure that your submitted application contains your legal first and last name, the county of residence, and that all of the information you submit is consistent with the information you use at your current state of residence.

You will also need to submit a valid out of state background check report with your application. Your application may be denied if it does not contain this information, delaying the process of getting hired inside of North Carolina.

How Do I Contact The Background Check Unit With Questions?

You will want to keep records of your information, fingerprints, and payment receipts until you have received a notification letter stating that your application has been approved and you’ve received the background check records.

Submit your required documents together to avoid delays, and ensure that all of the information you’ve submitted is consistent across the forms included in your packet.

Approved employment application.

Check your email on a daily basis to provide speedy responses to the local government if they request additional information from you.

You can contact the CBC unit at one of the numbers or the email address below:

(919) 527-6620

(800) 859-0829

[email protected]

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