SLED Background Check FAQs

SLED Background Check FAQs

Whether you’re seeking government employment, licensing and permits in the state of South Carolina, your potential employer is requiring you to undergo a background check, or you are trying to find out what information your background check contains, you may find yourself having questions.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter when people are performing SLED background checks.

How Much Does A Background Check Cost?

To perform a background check through the SLED CATCH system, you’re going to need to expect to pay a $25.00 fee. If you are using a debit or credit card to pay online, you will be charged an additional $1.00 convenience fee. For mail-in background checks, you will not be charged the additional $1.00. The SLED does not keep the convenience fee.

Can Background Checks Be Run On People Outside Of South Carolina?

SLED CATCH allows you to run background checks and print criminal records for residents of South Carolina only. When allowed by law, you can perform national criminal background checks, but will not be able to find information about people who are currently wanted by law enforcement. This limitation is imposed to protect active investigations.

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How Can I Run A Background Check In South Carolina?

To perform a background check in South Carolina, you’re going to need the person’s full legal name, their date of birth, and a known address. Having a Social Security number will help increase the chances of a successful search.

If the legal name and date of birth on the criminal records check is different from what you’ve provided in the search, you may receive a false report. In cases like these, you will need to use a Social Security number or fingerprints to accurately identify the person and have the records released.

Can A SLED Background Check Be Used To Obtain A CWP?

Yes. If you are applying for a concealed weapons permit (CWP), you will be required to submit an SLED background check. You will also be required to submit your fingerprints digitally through the IBT system, or at your local law enforcement agency.

Where Can I Get Information About Crimes In South Carolina?

The SLED gathers and sorts information from every other law enforcement agency in South Carolina, and can be reached by phone at (803)-896-7016.

Can The SLED Investigate A Crime?

The SLED currently serves as the investigative arm for the Governor of South Carolina and handles any investigations for the Attorney General. You will need to submit a request to the local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the crimes have occurred.

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The local agencies will submit SLED requests to obtain information about the crimes, and then make the information available to you. Please note, though, that this information is not currently available to private citizens, and your requests will be denied unless you have proper authorization.

Do I Need To Perform A SLED Background Check?

If you are seeking employment with a government agency, applying for legal licensing or permits in the state of South Carolina, or your employer is requesting a background check before you may begin work, you will need to perform an SLED background check.

Keep in mind, that the results of these checks will not be made available to you, and that your employers will be given limited access, noting the crime itself and not specific details of the investigation that was undertaken during the court proceedings.

Where Do I Go To Get Fingerprinted?

Currently, fingerprints are not performed at SLED stations or local agencies. You will need to have your fingerprints taken digitally by a participating Identogo location. You can contact them to find the location nearest to you and their times of operation, and to schedule an appointment to have your prints submitted to the SLED.

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How Much Does The Fingerprinting Process Cost?

Fingerprinting through Identogo costs $48.00 and the prints are retained for up to 5 years. Once you have been fingerprinted you can submit requests to have the prints transferred to the SLED, and the prints will remain available during the 5-year period for any check renewals. After 5 years you will be required to update your information and resubmit your prints.

If I’ve Had A Background Check In The Last 6 Months, Do I Need To Perform Another?

Depending on the type of employment you are seeking, or the licenses and certificates that you’re applying for, you may be required to submit an up-to-date background check that is specific to the request you’re making.

Background checks will need to be performed again, regardless how long ago you submitted the original request.

What Is IBT And Why Should I Use Them?

IBT is Integrated Biometric Technologies, and they are an authorized agent that is capable of performing electronic fingerprint scans for law enforcement. They are currently the only agent approved by the SLED to perform fingerprint scans for licensing, employment, and state certifications.

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Can I Receive A Copy Of My Background Check?

No, you may not receive the results of the background check unless you specifically performed the check for your own records. If you are seeking employment or certification and are refused due to information in your records, the agency will inform you and you can begin the process of cleaning up or disputing the records yourself.

How Do I Contest The Results Of My Background Check?

If you have been denied or refused due to information in your background check, you may challenge the information by contacting the original agency that submitted the incorrect information to your local law enforcement agency, the SLED, or the FBI.

You will need to submit it in the state where the incorrect information was filed. These agencies will then provide you information regarding the dispute process.

How Secure Is The Information?

The information contained in your background check is confidential. The SLED and FBI both have access to the information and have very strict policies for who may view electronic data submissions. The results of your background check are treated as secure information and are not subject to FOIA requests.

Whether you’re seeking government employment, licensing and permits in the state of South Carolina, your potential employer is requiring you to undergo a background check, or you are trying to find out what information…

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