Perform Sterling Background Checks

Perform Sterling Background Checks

Sterling background checks are some of the quickest and most accurate checks that can be performed, but having Sterling verify information about a person you’re wanting to hire for a position, or even yourself when you’re looking to become employed can create more questions than answers.

While we would love to be able to give you an accurate answer, when you’re having background checks performed any one of many different circumstances can occur that could delay the return of the results.

The confidentiality of the information being provided in background checks means that provide accurate results is of the utmost importance.

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So rather than risk providing you with information on an individual other than the person you’ve requested the check be run on, companies like Sterling are going to limit their risks by delaying the return of your results to ensure accuracy.

In general, most background checks will take between 2 to 4 days, as long as the company performing the check does not encounter any unforeseen complications.

To ensure that your background check results are quickly returned, there are different areas that you’ll want to address and provide accurate information before you submit your request.

Identity Checks

​Depending on the type of identity check being performed, you may receive the results instantly, while some more extensive checks could require up to 2 days to be returned.

Properly identifying a person doesn’t require hyper confidential information, so the delays with these types of checks are generally limited to providing false identification to begin with. If you are verifying a person’s ID by using their driver’s license, passport, or a national ID card, for instance, results should be returned quickly.

However, if you are verifying a person’s social security number and confidential information may be returned, the results could be delayed to allow the company to verify that the information they are giving you is 100% accurate.

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Credit Checks

Credit checks can also be completed within 24 to 48 hours, and instantly in most cases due to the lack of sensitive information. As long as an accurate Social Security number is provided, and there are not multiple people attempting to use the same SSN, the results should be returned to you within minutes.

Employment Verification

These checks can create delays and are generally more complicated than ID and credit checks. The delays aren’t created due to the information being returned, but the information that’s required to give you accurate results.

Employment verification checks require the checking agency to contact your past employers and work through human resource departments or management personnel who may have access to the information you’re trying to retrieve.

If the agency is required to verify employment history through companies outside of the United States, the process of returning the results could take even longer. Normally, though, employment verifications take between 2 to 4 days, if the agency requesting the information is able to get past employers to share what they’re looking for.

Educational Verifications

Confirming that someone has attended the university they claim and have received the academic accomplishments they have put onto their resume can take time because, like obtaining employment verification, the checking agency is required to work with personnel at the university or college to verify the results.

In general, 2 to 3 business days are required to obtain educational verifications unless you are requesting the information during the summer months or periods when the school’s faculty have been given vacations, in the case of Spring Break or other major holidays.

If you are requesting educational information for universities located outside of the United States, obtaining the information could take significantly longer.

Most universities are happy to provide you verification for when an applicant has attended, which degrees were earned during their attendance, but they will require you to have a signed release form before they will turn over the records to you.

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Professional Verifications

Obtaining professional verifications doesn’t usually take a long time, as long as the trade organizations that the person is claiming to hold accreditation through have personnel available to provide the records you’re looking for.

You can expect to wait between 4 to 6 days for the results to be returned when you’re looking for verification of professional certifications and licenses obtained pertaining to your industry.

Global Watchlist Verifications

If you’re verifying that the person applying for employment has never been accused of being a part of a terrorist organization, you could expect to wait up to 2 weeks to have the results of your check returned.

Watchlist verifications require checking the person that you’ve submitted, as well as verifying fingerprints to ensure that they’ve never been arrested in another country or using a different alias. The sensitivity of these checks guarantee that they will take longer, and have a higher risk of being delayed.

Criminal Checks

Depending on the state where you’re performing the check, criminal background checks could take significantly longer. In general, you’re going to want to allow between 30 to 60 days to have the results of your check returned.

Criminal verification and background checks require submitting the request to multiple different national and statewide databases.

Depending on the authorities involved in the process, some agencies may need to work with multiple different organizations to retrieve a full criminal history, and if the fingerprints or social security provided turn up other aliases, receiving the results could take even longer.

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MVR Verifications

Verifying motor vehicle records doesn’t take as long as other verifications because the information isn’t nearly as sensitive as, say, a criminal records or terrorist watchlist check.

When performing an MVR verification, you can expect to wait between 2 days or a couple weeks to have the information returned. The Department of Motor Vehicles isn’t known for performing checks quickly, so while you may typically receive the results instantly you should account for delays in the processing of the request.

If you want to reduce potential delays in your checks, you are going to need to ensure that you’re providing full and detailed information, and that the information you’re providing is 100% accurate.

If you’re providing the information about yourself, be honest and upfront with the agency performing the checks. If they uncover information that you failed to provide, you can expect delays because they will need to contact you again, and then resubmit the information that you’ve provided before the full records will be released.

Working with agencies, like Sterling, to perform background checks is a great way to save yourself time and money, especially if you’re an employer or agency that is required to run multiple background checks and will be submitting a consistent number of requests each month.

Sterling background checks are some of the quickest and most accurate checks that can be performed, but having Sterling verify information about a person you’re wanting to hire for a position, or even yourself when you’re looking…

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